Endorsements for The Servant King

“It was almost three decades ago when I first met Verne Nesbitt. I was impressed by his diligence to discover more of God by his determination to be true to God’s Word. He is intense, bright and committed to Christ. His writings reflect his character and his diligent research. His presentation will satisfy your search to know God better. The Servant King will strengthen you in your walk with and service for the Lord.”

Loren Cunningham
Founder and Chairman
Youth With a Mission, International

“This work starts deep and then goes from there. The profundity is from the Scripture itself; the author helps us to see it as if for the first time. The Servant King brings the reader new revelations, or a new appreciation of old revelations. Once you get your mind around these things, every page, every truth is worthy of meditation. All will benefit as we share in the author’s personal discoveries.”

Hyatt Moore
Former President
North American Office
Wycliffe Bible Translators

“The Servant King is written by a man I have known for decades. In a very true sense he is my spiritual father. If you have wondered what it would be like to sit at the feet of the Apostle Paul, engage yourself in this work. Verne Nesbitt opens the windows to God’s reign and allows us to taste and see how good, astonishing and bewildering He truly is.”

The Reverend Doctor Mark L. McAnlis
Senior Pastor
Highland Avenue Congregational Church
Highland, California

“I have known Verne Nesbitt for over 30 years as both a mentor and friend. He truly has been a Paul to many Timothys. You will find this work both thoughtful and insightful. Rev. Nesbitt brings a fresh depth to his work, borne out of both life’s experiences and wrestling with the text to ensure that the meaning is both relevant and accurate. To read The Servant King is to fall in love with the Savior once again. I highly recommend it!”

Joseph J. Sagio, Ed.D
Academic Dean
American Indian College
Phoenix, Arizona