The Servant King

Revelations of Majesty in Christ's Humility


Have you ever wondered how Jesus could be God and yet come into this world as a man? Or, how Christ is eternal, without beginning or end, and yet He was born and died? As author Verne Nesbitt paints a dramatic portrait of our Lord and Savior with vivid brushstrokes that illustrate Christ’s glorious majesty and tender humility, he depicts a unique perspective on the answers to many puzzling questions.

The “eyes of your heart” will be enlightened as you discover what true humility means and what Christ gave up for you when He came to earth. 

These insights into Christ’s humility will deepen your love for Him, strengthen your relationship with Him, and increase your devotion to Him. A sense of wonder will illuminate your imagination, permeate your heart, and ignite your passion for the Lord as you catch a glimpse of Jesus, The Servant King.

“This book will strengthen you in your walk with and service for the Lord.”

Loren Cunningham

Founder – YWAM


The Neglected Element of the Gospel

Fully God and fully man: Have you ever considered the possibility that this oft-quoted statement is merely a valiant attempt to explain the unexplainable? Through profound exegetical study, author Verne Nesbitt delves deep into this question, masterfully distinguishing between pervasive cultural ideology and foundational Biblical narrative. This brief dissertation evokes afresh the awe and wonder of the gospel of Jesus Christ, asserting the truth of our Savior’s nature which is best described as a God-ordained, divine mystery.

“If you have ever struggled to reason through or communicate profound biblical truth, I recommend this book! Verne’s experience, insight and humility provide a refreshing reminder to embrace the mystery of the gospel with childlike faith.”

Abel Mendez